Unfortunately, we live in a world where it is not self-evident that others will stay away from your belongings and this is the main reason why users choose a professional alarm system. The impact of a burglary or robbery is enormous. It has long since ceased to be the case that burglars are only looking for expensive paintings, jewellery or the coin collection. Since almost every household is equipped with laptops, smartphones, tablets and game consoles, every home is potentially interesting.

But why should I opt for a professional alarm system?

Reason 1: Limit the time

When a burglary triggers the alarm system, the clock starts running for burglars: their presence has been detected. The siren goes off and will make a quiet search of the premises impossible. Every second the alarm is more likely to be followed by neighbours, residents, the security service or the police who may suddenly be on the pavement. So with an alarm system, prevent burglars from spending long periods of time undisturbed in the building and causing damage in their search for valuables.

Reason 2: Preventive effect

Burglars often choose the property where they run the lowest risk. A professional alarm system therefore also has a preventive effect. After all, burglars know that breaking into a well-secured building carries more risks than the neighbours where the security is less in order.

Reason 3 Personal security

Apart from burglary, fire is our greatest fear. A professional alarm system can be expanded with (wireless) smoke detectors, heat detectors or, for example, carbon monoxide detectors. Place smoke detectors in strategic places such as corridors or stairwells. Heat detectors are particularly suitable for areas where steam is produced, such as kitchens or the corridor near the bathroom. An ordinary smoke detector will see steam from cooking or showering as smoke and rely on it. By installing heat detectors here you are optimally protected without getting unnecessary alarms. Carbon monoxide detectors are placed near (open) combustion appliances such as boilers and geysers.
Tip: place a water detector near the washing machine or in the cellar and detect a leak in time.

Reason 4: Reliability

A professional alarm system must comply with European standards drawn up for such systems. These relate to reliable operation and safe use. After all, unlike a consumer product, an alarm system must not fail. It must work at all times and not be capable of being influenced. Professional detectors are only activated when something is really going on.
Cameras do not provide security. You can see exactly what has been removed afterwards, but they do not alarm or limit working time. So use a professional alarm system that is there for you when you really need it.

Reason 5: Discount on the insurance premium

Your insurer will also benefit from a lower risk of burglary or fire and will provide a discount on the insurance premium if there is a professional alarm system. Ask your insurance company or intermediary for the conditions.

Tip: with a professional alarm system you are well protected and the risk of a burglary is considerably reduced. Nevertheless, we regularly see that private individuals and companies leave valuables lying around for grabs. Don’t leave expensive laptops in plain sight when you’re not there because it takes less than 30 seconds to remove such a highly marketable product and the best alarm system can do nothing about that.