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5 reasons to take a professional alarm system

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it is not self-evident that others will stay away from your belongings and this is the main reason why users choose a professional alarm system. The impact of a burglary or robbery is enormous. It has long since ceased to be the case that burglars are only looking for expensive paintings, jewellery or the coin collection. Since almost every household is equipped with laptops, smartphones, tablets and game [...]


Reseller option for installers

Become a reseller of mySmartControl! If, for example, an end user has more locations or users, the free mySmartControl subscription can be extended to Freemium or Premium. It has recently become possible to have these subscriptions run entirely via the installer. The end user does not have a financial relationship with mySmartControl but with the installer who determines the rates. For larger multi-site customers it is even possible to compose an enterprise subscription. Interested in [...]


Arming and disarming your system

We know from experience that operating the alarm system is not always easy and that switching it on and off, in particular, can be an exciting operation. Questions such as 'do I know the code, when do I have to enter something, the alarm does not go off' can make operating it stressful. But that is no longer necessary! With mySmartControl, operation is simple, reliable and stress-free. With simple icons, the areas (sections) of the [...]


Chat Function

Communicate about the alarm in chat. The alarm goes off and now what? Communicate about the alarm in chat with everyone involved. In the event of an alarm, the pre-selected users of the app will receive a push notification. They can then communicate in the chat box about the handling. That way everyone knows the status at any time. Ideal for self monitoring, neighbors calling system or for information provision at a business connection. Accept [...]


mySmartControl pricing

How much does mySmartControl cost if you want to use it to operate your alarm system? The answer is simple: nothing! You can use mySmartControl free of charge with 5 users. This includes switching it on and off, receiving push messages and, for example, using the chat function. mySmartControl is a Dutch product and has been developed in accordance with European privacy rules. In order to guarantee reliable operation, mySmartControl is periodically tested for IT [...]

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