Communicate about the alarm in chat.

The alarm goes off and now what? Communicate about the alarm in chat with everyone involved. In the event of an alarm, the pre-selected users of the app will receive a push notification. They can then communicate in the chat box about the handling. That way everyone knows the status at any time. Ideal for self monitoring, neighbors calling system or for information provision at a business connection.

Accept or Reject

After an alarm, the recipients can indicate whether they accept the alarm and take care of it or reject it if they are unable to do so. If no one responds or everyone declines, mySmartControl will send everyone a reminder. This way you can be sure that the alarm is followed up. The users can see directly in the app whether the other users accept or decline.

Total control from 1 app

The use and management of your alarm system is therefore done in one app: mySmartControl. This prevents unnecessary switching between different apps and it is unclear how and with which communication takes place. With mySmartControl it is immediately clear who is taking action.

Need help from the police? Then press the 112 button and contact the emergency services immediately.

With mySmartControl you are assured of a reliable app that is there for you when you need it. The intuitive operation makes it easy to use when it matters most.