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Is it safe to use mySmartControl?

The connection to the cloud service is encrypted. The insurer may impose additional requirements regarding the use of an app in combination with your alarm system. Also note our disclaimer when using the app.


Does mySmartControl use port forwarding?

No. Because the alarm system connects to the cloud service, setting up port forwarding is not necessary. However, if it concerns a company network, it can happen that your IT department does not allow devices to communicate 'outside' as standard. In that case, inform the department that your alarm system must be able to exit freely via TCP port 10042.


With which alarm systems are compatible with mySmartControl?

Currently supported: the UNii and the AlphaVision ML and XL. Minimum requirements The UNii must have at least firmware version 1.0.The AlphaVision ML control panel must have at least firmware version V4.00 (released on 14-04-2016).The AlphaVision XL control panel must have at least firmware version V3.00 If the control panel has an older firmware version, it must first be flashed with the most recent firmware version. If Alphatool software is used for flashing, always use [...]

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