If you have any questions about mySmartControl, please first check the FAQ below. For any technical queries, please refer to your installer.

How do I install mySmartControl?2016-06-07T10:24:41+01:00
Which phones are supported?2016-06-07T10:27:05+01:00

Operating systems iOS and Android

For which alarm systems can I use mySmartControl?2017-08-04T12:28:19+01:00

The following systems are currently supported:

  • AlphaVision ML from version 4.0
  • AlphaVision XL from version 3.0
Does the app use port-forwarding?2017-05-27T22:53:13+01:00

No. Because the alarm system establishes the connection through the cloud service, there’s no need for setting up port-forwarding.

Is it secure?2016-06-07T10:32:28+01:00

The connection with the cloud service is encrypted. Your insurance company might make additional demands regarding the use of an app in combination with your alarm system. For using the app, please also read our disclaimer.

Which languages are supported by the app?2016-06-07T10:38:47+01:00

The app supports English and Dutch. The app’s language is decided by the standard settings of the phone.

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