How do I connect my phone to mySmartControl?

Search the iOS or Android app store for the mySmartControl app and install it on your smartphone.With your internet browser go to: are now on the mySmartControl website.Click on: LOGIN (right top)After logging in, you will be taken to the mySmartControl login page ( on: Create Account!Enter: Name, E-mail address, Password and choose your language.Click on: Register for mySmartControl!An email will be sent to you to verify and activate your account.Click on the activation [...]


What are the buttons “Accept” and “Decline” doing in the chat?

With the buttons “Accept” and “Decline” you can indicate in the chat to other end users whether you are going to take action on an event (Accept) or if you are not able to take action (Decline). This way end users know among themselves who will and will not see what is going on. Incidentally, if no one (no end user) accepts the event received, a push message will be received a little later indicating [...]

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