Conditions (for installer)

  • The AlphaVision ML central station must have at least firmware version V4.00 (released on 14-04-2016).
  • The AlphaVision XL central station must have at least firmware version V3.00.
  • If the central station contains an older software version, it must first be flashed with the most recent firmware version. If Alphatool software is used for flashing, please always use the latest version of the Alphatool software! Always check the latest version in the support section of our website
  • If the Alphavision central station uses a static IP address, please always complete the DNS servers! (Example: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:

Setup (for installer and/or end-user):

  1. Search the app store from IOS or Android for the mySmartControl and install it on your smartphone.
  2. Use your internet browser and go to:
    You’re now visiting the website of mySmartControl.
  3. After the registration, you’ll be taken to the login page of mySmartControl (
    Click: Create account!
  4. Enter: Name, Email Address, Password, and choose your desired Language.
    Click: Register for mySmartControl!
  5. You’ll receive an email to verify and activate your account.
    Click the activation link you’ve received in your email (if you haven’t received any email from mySmartControl, please also check your email spam folder).
  6. Your account is now created and active. Return to the login page of mySmartControl (, enter your email address and password.
  7. After you’re logged in, go to Recipients in the left menu.
    Click: Add new
  8. If you have not added any users, choose Add New User in the popup screen. Enter a name for the user. Phone number and e-mail address are optional. Then click on: Create.
    Enter: Name for the user, the Email Address is optional, click on Create.
  9. Select the newly created user and click the “change”-icon at the end of the line, choose Link.
  10. Use the QR code scanner in the mySmartControl app to scan the displayed QR code.
    Your smartphone will now be added to your account.
  11. On the website, go to Devices in the left menu
    Click: Add device
    You’ll now see an activation code that’s only valid for 10 minutes
  12. Write down the obtained activation code, go to a control panel and login to the USER’S MENU. In the user’s menu, scroll to MYSMARTCONTROL and press the OK button to open. Use the arrow buttons (down/up) to scroll to the following options:
    ACCESS. Set this option to ON and press the OK button to confirm.
    REGISTER. Here you can enter the activation code and confirm it by pressing the OK button.
  13. Your Alphavision ML is now added to your account, just like your smartphone, and the mySmartcontrol app is now ready to be used with your Alphavison ML central station.