Through this newsletter we would like to inform you about the features that be added to mySmartControl soon. All changes concern the portal for both the end user and the installer.

Which functionality has been added?

  1. Authorization of partitions (user)
  2. Notification in case of trouble (installer)
  3. Possibility to view Historical Log per system (installer)
  4. Browser support
  5. Authorization of partition (user)

Per user, it is now possible to authorize partitions. This allows you to configure exactly which partition a user can arm/disarm. Partitions (and the associated zones) that are not authorized and are not ticked in the portal are no longer visible in the app. By default, all partitions are selected.

  1. Notification in case of malfunction (installer)

If a customer has linked his system to an installer it is now possible for the installer to receive email notifications in case of troubles or malfunctions.

Notifications can be received in case of alarm (including tamper), warnings, communication failure / restore or information.

The notifications will be sent to the email address with which the installer is registered in the installer portal.

  1. Historical Log accessible per system (installer)

For each system which is linked to the installer, the installer can view and download the last 100 log lines.

The logging can be saved as an Excel file.

  1. Browser supports

MySmartControl supports the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari