How much does mySmartControl cost if you want to use it to operate your alarm system? The answer is simple: nothing! You can use mySmartControl free of charge with 5 users. This includes switching it on and off, receiving push messages and, for example, using the chat function.

mySmartControl is a Dutch product and has been developed in accordance with European privacy rules. In order to guarantee reliable operation, mySmartControl is periodically tested for IT security by an independent organisation. The hosting takes place externally at one of the three major cloud providers. The data is located in Europe.

In order to maintain the above, we charge a small fee if the use deviates. So if you have multiple locations, more than 5 users or for example the wish to receive mail from all events of arming and disarming, you can use a Freemium or Premium package. Ask your installer about the possibilities.

mySmartControl is very suitable for use at multi-site locations in the retail, hospitality or private sector. Especially for the use of mySmartControl at multiple locations, your installer can provide custom solutions. Ask him about the enterprise package.

In short, the differences:

Free Freemium Premium
App-users 5 25 50
Connected devices 1 5 10
Number of accounts available in the app 1 5 50
Number of locations (home, work, holiday home, etc.) 1 5 10
Control outputs 1 3 10
Push messages
E-mails p/month 50 100 500
Chat function for alarm handling
Call 112 directly from the chat
Real-time status sections
Arm / disarm sections
Real-time status zones
Bypassing zones
Set sounds per event
User rights per user